Academic Advising for Readmitted Students

Welcome back! Academic Advising is here to help you get settled into your first semester returning to campus. A professional staff member in our office will help coordinate with you on your return to campus. How we help you will be based on a few factors.

Declared in Major/Staying in Major

Some readmitted students have remained in contact with their academic advisor. You are welcome to continue working with your academic advisor, particularly if you are declared in the major you plan to pursue.

Declared in Major/Changing Major

Students who previously declared their major but are changing their paths are best served by working with a professional advisor in the Office of Academic Advising. You will work with this advisor until you declare your major and have been paired with a major advisor in your new department.

Not Declared in Major/Ready to Declare

Readmitted students who are ready to declare will be advised by a professional advisor in the Office of Academic Advising upon depositing to return. Students should complete the Major Declaration form and then will be connected with a major advisor shortly upon returning to campus.

Not Declared in Major/Not Ready to Declare

It’s okay if you’re not ready to declare your major. Students do have until they earn junior standing to declare their major. Some students really liked their ELN 1010 instructor and advisor and want to work with them again. Other students would like to work with a professional advisor in our office. You’ll chat with the readmit coordinator to discuss the best option for you.

Other Advising Topics


Be sure to submit your transcripts from any institution you attended while away from Elon. Send to the Elon University Registrar’s Office.

Registration Date/Time

You can register “on time” as a readmitted student if you complete the readmission process and make your re-enrollment deposited well in advance of course registration dates.

Medical Leave of Absence

Some students need to take a break from Elon for many different reasons. You may want to consider the Medical Leave of Absence option before withdrawing from Elon with the intent to return.