Course Lists

We recommend that students mainly focus on 1000 and 2000 level classes in their first semester. Students with higher World Language placements should continue at the appropriate level. Otherwise, you will notice that these course lists focus on 1000 and 2000 level classes.

First-Year Student Only Sections Fall 2024

These sections are available only to incoming, Class of 2028 students. Most are common topics just for first-year students. Others are special topics created just for first-year students.

Intro to Major or Minor and Self-Interest Courses

These courses could be for an Intro to Major or Minor class. Some are Self-Interest or Self-Investment course. Curious? If you’re thinking about major in COM or Business, definitely check out this list. Even if not, check out the HealthEU classes. We don’t require Physical Education courses but some of the Health EU classes are a really great option to get going at Elon.

Elon Core Curriculum Lists

We prepared lists of classes for the four categories in the Studies in the Arts & Sciences. This large group amounts to 32 of the 56 to 60 semester hours needed in the Elon Core Curriculum. Most students completed at least one of these topics in their first semester:

Expression Courses

Civilization Courses

Society Courses

Science Courses