An academic E-WARNING is an electronic notice set up for faculty to voluntarily report any students with excessive absences, missing quizzes, lack of class participation, and other academic focused concerns. For concerns regarding a student’s well-being (which may also include academic concerns), please share your concerns using the online Student Care and Outreach Referral form. Additional information on how to support students in distress is available on the Student Concerns Website:

How to submit an E-Warning: The E-Warning submission link is included to the right of students’ names on the class roster found in OnTrack. E-Warnings are sent to the student, the student’s academic advisor, and the reporting professor.

Academic Advising will track this information and include data in their annual report. Please direct your questions to us by phone at 336-278-6500 or


Faculty and advisors are strongly encouraged to share concerns they have for a student’s well-being through the Student Care and Outreach program, a service of the Office of the Dean of Students. Examples include concerns related to a student’s mental health, significant academic distress, physical well-being, financial constraints, and social integration, among others. When shared, a staff member will consult with you on how best to reach out and support the student involved. Additional information on how to support students in distress is available on the Student Care and Outreach Website:


Academic Advising will forward information to a student’s professors and academic advisor regarding missed classes when verified by Elon’s Health Services personnel. Students who are seen by off campus providers should secure verification of those visits from the healthcare facility and share with their professors. Make-up work due to illness is individually negotiated between students and professors.