Academic Advising for Transfer Students

Academic Advising is here to assist you through the transition to Elon University.This process starts once a student deposits to attend Elon. From there, we have several pathways to get you ready to join the Elon University community.

Summer Checklist

To begin Elon’s process as a Transfer Student, please first refer to your Elon Acorn Account and the Elon University Summer Checklist.  This guide will get you going on all things necessary as a new student.

Elon Bound is the required pre-orientation experience for all new students. You will be introduced to different areas of the Elon University Community. You also must complete this virtual journey before working with the Transfer Student Coordinator for building your first class schedule at Elon University.

Registration Advising & Course Registration

After completing Elon Bound, you will be able to schedule a meeting with our Transfer Student Coordinator. In this meeting, you will have the opportunity to discuss your academic advising questions, including helping you interpret your transcript evaluation. We recommend using our Video Tutorials available on our website and through Elon Bound to help prepare you to use OnTrack for course registration. If you are prepared to create your schedule, the TSC will approve you to register for classes at the end of your discussion.

Final Transcripts

Official transcripts of your final college credits from all prior institutions, including any currently enrolled courses, must be sent to:

Elon University Office of Admissions

Campus Box 2700

Elon, NC 27244

Failure to send in final transcripts may interfere your ability to select appropriate courses. 

Please contact Lea Phelps (Office of Academic Advising) or James Thurnes (Admissions) for more questions or more information.

Additional Transfer Student FAQs

Where do I send my Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate results?

Send your completed AP or IB results to the Office of the Registrar. Scores of 4 and above are required for all AP exams. Scores of 5 and above in the High Level exams are required for International Baccalaureate exams.

How will I know my transcripts have been reviewed?

You will be notified via email from the Office of the Registrar on which courses transfer to Elon and what they count for. That will be a helpful guide to course registration. You will use this information when discussing your initial semester of courses with the Transfer Student Coordinator.

You can also use the Transfer Course Equivalencies website. Here, you can enter your state and institution and see what courses have previously been transferred.  Please note that this is not an exhaustive list.  If a particular course is not listed, it does not mean that the course won’t transfer to Elon, it just means that it hasn’t been officially evaluated in the recent past.

When can I declare my major?

All incoming students are categorized as undeclared even if you indicated a specific interest. Review the majors of interest in the current Academic Catalog. Incoming fall students must use the new catalog, which is typically released in late July. Incoming spring students must use the catalog from the academic year they enter Elon as well.

Incoming juniors must declare their major. Incoming sophomores  may choose to remain undeclared until they achieve junior status. Visit the Major Declaration website to officially declare your major(s) and minor(s).

Do I need to take any assessments before I sign up for classes?

Review the assessment information within your Elon Acorn Account.  As an incoming Elon student, you will need to complete online assessments in the following areas:

  • World Languages
  • Math

Please note that these assessments are needed for registration of their respective courses. Please get the assessments completed as soon as possible, if you are not already bringing in credit for them from a previous institution.  For instance: if you are bringing in STS1100 credit or MTH1510 credit, then you do not need to assess for Math. However, if you are bringing in world language credit, you will still need to take the assessment to enroll in any world language course at Elon.

Who is my academic advisor?

All incoming juniors are strongly encouraged to declare their major prior to arrival. By junior, we mean students planning to graduate in 2 years or less. Junior standing is 62 semester hours earned, but some students will have just under or just over that but still plan to graduate in 2 years. If that’s you, go to the Major Declaration section of our website and declare your major after depositing to attend.

All students decided on a major are also encouraged to declare their major even if a first-year student or sophomore. The Transfer Student Coordinator can still be a resource for you, but then you will have a faculty advisor shortly after your arrival.

First-year transfer students, particularly spring admitted students, are encouraged to enroll in ELN 1010: The First-Year Advising Seminar. By this we mean students who have only completed 1 semester of college classes. Students enrolled in ELN 1010 are advised by the instructor of that course until such time as they declare a major.

All other students are welcome to wait to declare their major and be advised by the Transfer Student Coordinator until such time as they declare a major; but no more than 3 semesters after arriving at Elon.

I am a varsity transfer student-athlete. What are my next steps?

If you are a Varsity athlete, please reach out to the Elon Athletics Department about registration and course plan. 336-278-6800.

I'm a "2+2 ACC Scholar." What are my next steps?

If you are a “2 + 2 ACC scholar,” please reach out to the Department of Education about registration and course plan:  336-278-6099.

I am an international transfer student completing Elon's Dual Degree International Business program. What are my next steps?

Dr. Hani Tadros is the faculty coordinator for the International Business Dual Degree major. For incoming international transfer students, please reach out to the Love School of Business about registration and course plan. The phone number is:  336-278-6000.