Academic Advising for Transfer Students

Academic Advising is here to assist you through the transition to Elon University.This process starts once a student deposits to attend Elon. From there, we have several pathways to get you ready to join the Elon University community.

Elon Bound

Elon Bound is our online pre-orientation model. After depositing and as we get closer to the start of your time at Elon, you will receive access to complete this pre-orientation. This required Elon Bound virtual pre-orientation program is for all new, first-year and transfer undergraduate students. If you are attending Elon, access the program using your Elon username and password. Families also can create a guest account and explore the virtual pre-orientation program. It includes a series of modules, videos and quizzes prepare you for your Elon journey. You will receive information about fall course registration, which will be critical for you to successfully register for your first semester of classes at Elon!

Registration Advising

Our Transfer Student Coordinator will meet with you to discuss your academic advising questions, including helping you interpret your transcript. In other words, the TSC helps you understand how the classes you previously completed fit into the Elon Core Curriculum as well as major and minor curricula.

During this conversation, you will develop a game plan of the classes you plan to take. You will also learn the Student Planning course registration system within OnTrack.

Placement Tests

All new students are encouraged to complete placements tests for English, Math, and World Languages. It is possible that you have already completed these requirements through previous coursework. You can discuss these during your registration advising meeting with the Transfer Student Coordinator.

Course Registration

After completing Elon Bound and now after completing Registration Advising, you will be cleared to create your class schedule and register for your courses. You will be able to do so on your own using Student Planning. The Transfer Student Coordinator remains a system of support for you. But you will get to create a schedule based on factors important to you: topics of classes, times/days of the week of course offerings, work schedule (if applicable), club activities, such as a club sport and practice times, etc.

Academic Advisor

All incoming juniors are strongly encouraged to declare their major prior to arrival. By junior, we mean students planning to graduate in 2 years or less. Junior standing is 62 semester hours earned, but some students will have just under or just over that but still plan to graduate in 2 years. If that’s you, go to the Major Declaration section of our website and declare your major after depositing to attend.

All students decided on a major are also encouraged to declare their major even if a first-year student or sophomore. The Transfer Student Coordinator can still be a resource for you, but then you will have a faculty advisor shortly after your arrival.

First-year transfer students, particularly spring admitted students, are encouraged to enroll in ELN 1010: The First-Year Advising Seminar. By this we mean students who have only completed 1 semester of college classes. Students enrolled in ELN 1010 are advised by the instructor of that course until such time as they declare a major.

All other students are welcome to wait to declare their major and be advised by the Transfer Student Coordinator until such time as they declare a major; but no more than 3 semesters after arriving at Elon.

Final Transcripts

Official transcripts of your final college credits from all prior institutions, including any currently enrolled courses, must be sent to:

Elon University Office of Admissions

Campus Box 2700

Elon, NC 27244

Failure to send in final transcripts may interfere your ability to select appropriate courses. 

Please contact Lea Phelps or James Thurnes for more questions or more information. 

Lea Phelps

James Thurnes