Academic Advising AI ChatBot

Welcome to the Academic Advising ChatBot! This is our AI that is brand new for summer 2024. You may use this resource to ask questions related to academic advising, course registration, and more. We want you to use the AI along with information that is provided on our website. For first-year students, be sure to verify AI information with your advisor for the virtual advising session. For new transfer students, verify the AI information with the transfer student coordinator when you meet to discuss your first semester schedule.

As with any generative AI process, the quality of your prompt is important.  Be sure to provide some context in your question so that the chatbot can provide the most accurate response.  For example, instead of asking “What are good communications courses to take?” instead try something like “I’m an incoming first year student interested in majoring in communications. What are good classes for me to take in my first semester?”