Advising Resources

Advising is a collaborative process but is centered on the initiative of each student to navigate their academic responsibilities at Elon.

You know the questions you need answered.

You know the goals you want to accomplish.

You know what is important to your future.

Our goal in the Office of Academic Advising is to support you with in-person, online, and referral resources to help you address these important areas. Use the resources we provide here to help you. Should you need to chat with us, please reach out!

Student Responsibilities: 

It is important to understand your responsibilities as an advisee. Before understanding your responsibilities, let’s review what academic advising is.

Academic advising is a form of engaged learning by which students learn about their roles in the Elon University community, critically reflect upon their roles and responsibilities as a student, and prepare to become global citizens.

At Elon, academic advising is a process that focuses on three fundamental areas:

  1. Accurate academic information
  2. Relationships across the Elon University Community
  3. Time-bond in the form of when benchmarks, including graduation, should be accomplished

Working with your Advisor: 

Academic advising is a collaborative relationship between student and advisor. It is important to understand that, as an advisee, it is your responsibility to foster this relationship during your time at Elon. Students are ultimately responsible for earning their degrees.

At Elon University, advisees will: 
Read and understand the academic standards contained in official Elon University publications and on its official website
Consult with their advisors when policies and procedures are unclear
Consult with their advisors during registration periods for course scheduling and any program modification
Inform their advisor of any academic difficulties, program or career changes
Schedule advisor appointments in advance of registration and maintain scheduled appointments with their advisors
Prepare for advisement sessions with any supporting documentation or materials which could assist the advisor
Provide advisors with feedback and follow through on advisor recommendations as needed

Questions? Chat with us!

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