Registering for Courses

Currently Enrolled Students

Fall 2021 Information/4-Digit Course Numbers

All currently enrolled students may use OnTrack to register for classes at their designated times, which is published on the Registration Schedule. Students register according to their earned semester hours (S.H.). Please note that all enrollment times are based on Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Students must be approved by their academic advisor prior to registration. All advisors are designated at the top of a student’s degree audit on OnTrack. Students can also view their advisor approval status using the Registration Approval Check.

Students are expected to register themselves during the designated registration period for each semester or term. Students should not miss class to register. If access begins during class time, a student should register immediately following class. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure all university degree requirements are met, and students should refer to their degree audit, the official advising tool.

New or Readmitted Students

New and readmitted students will be registered by Academic Advising.

Registration Checklist

  • You have consulted with your academic advisor.
  • You have been cleared to register by your academic advisor.
  • You meet all the prerequisites to the courses you have in your shopping cart. The prerequisite must be the exact course number, study abroad courses may need permission of the department chair for the course you seek to add.
  • You have any required co-requisites in your shopping cart (e.g. science labs).
  • You have planned on alternate courses/sections in case your first choice is filled.