Instructions for Faculty to Complete Online Grade Changes

Read all instructions prior to submission.

The information below is for changing grades already recorded for students in previous semesters. If the current grading period is still open and you need to make an adjustment to a recently submitted grade, contact Nicole Jones in the Registrar’s Office for instructions. Do not use the online form, this form is designed to ONLY change permanent grades already recorded from previous semesters.

Academic Policy on Grade Changes

Grades of “A” through “F” are permanent grades and may not be changed except in case of error. After an instructor has certified a grade to the Registrar, he/she may change it before the end of the next regular grading period. The change must be made online or in writing and have the written approval of the department chair.

Preparing to Submit an Online Grade Change

Before submitting the online form, instructors will need the following information: student’s name and email, department, course number, section, semester hours of the course, term the course was taken, the original grade given, the new grade and the reason for the grade change.

Online Grade Changes for Grades of “I” or “NR”

Instructors must be logged into Elon’s VPN network to submit the online form. Requests will be automatically routed to the appropriate department chair for notification purposes. The form will go directly to the Registrar’s Office for processing.

Submitting Grade Changes Online for Grades “A” – “F”

Instructors must be logged into Elon’s VPN to securely submit the new online form. Please read the VPN Frequently Asked Questions for information about connecting to VPN on your mobile device. Requests will be automatically routed to the appropriate department chair.  IMPORTANT NOTE – Please review the Grade Change Form Knowledge Base Article for more information on access and submitting the new grade change form

  • If the chair approves the grade change, the request will be forwarded to the Registrar’s Office for processing.  After the grade change has been documented in on the student’s permanent record, an email will be sent to the student informing them the grade change has been completed.
  • If the chair denies a grade change, notification of denial, along with a comment from the chair, is emailed to the instructor with an explanation for why the grade change was denied.  An instructor wishing to re-submit a further grade change request must restart the online grade change process after a denial.

Quick guide to securely access the Elon VPN when submitting forms off-campus.
Video guide to download and use the Elon VPN

This form is designed for faculty use only. Any student attempting to use this form could be found in violation of the academic honor code.

Any questions or concerns may be directed to or by calling 336-278-6677.