Student Planning

In Spring 2022, the Registrar’s Office is excited to bring you a new and improved suite of technologies to help with academic planning and registration. Student Planning will replace the current modules of Registration and Degree Audit that exist on OnTrack. The new system will allow students to build out comprehensive academic plans, request reviews by their advisors, view a timeline of their academic record, along with many other added enhancements.

The Degree Audit will be known as My Progress and will be an interactive tool for degree planning. Requirements will have a search function linked directly with the academic catalog to allow for a streamlined approach to finding the courses that you need. A comprehensive planning module will allow students to drag and drop courses from term to term along a timeline to easily make adjustments to their plan. Paired with an improved communication module with advisors, these changes to registration will only enhance the registration experience.

Training Sessions

The Registrar’s office is excited to offer training sessions for Faculty Advisors starting January 4, 2022. Please see our training page to sign up!

Stay Tuned

The Implementation Timeline documents the key dates of this roll-out.

Additional references and training resources will be updated in Information for Students and Information for Advisors.