What is this Health Agreement? Will it allow me to register?

The Health Agreement is a form only given to students if they did not submit their insurance waiver to Elon by the morning of Tuesday, April 16. We can check to see if an Agreement was put on your record. You need to accept the agreement before you can register, but once you accept the form then the flag will be lifted from your record immediately.

Did I get a Health Agreement put on my record?

Students can check to see if they have a pending Health Agreement by going to OnTrack > User Options > Required Agreements.

How do I accept the Agreement?

In OnTrack, go to User Options and then select Required Agreements. Read the Student Health Insurance Agreement and accept the form. Please remember this doesn’t bypass your other routine registration procedures like waiting until your registration time and getting advisor approval.

How do I know if my Agreement went through?

Your Agreement will show “Accepted”. If you go back to Plan & Schedule, you will not see the error notification anymore. Assuming it is your time to register and you received advisor approval, the “Register Now” button will be blue and you can register.

How do I submit my insurance waiver?

The Health Agreement is not a substitute for submitting your insurance waiver to Elon, just an agreement that if you are full-time in the Fall semester, you must provide the university with the necessary insurance coverage. If you need to submit your waiver, please contact the Dean of Students Office at (336) 278-7200.

I submitted my waiver through the BC/BS portal just a minute ago, but it’s still not letting me register. Why am I still seeing this Health Agreement?

You received the Health Agreement because you did not complete your insurance waiver before the deadline. The Blue Cross portal is also not connected to OnTrack, so you still need to Accept your Agreement before registering.

There were seats in a class I wanted and because of the Health Agreement the class is full now.

We understand your frustration, the Health Agreement was put in place on April 16th so there has been plenty of time for you to accept the form before it was your time to register. You may add yourself to the waitlist, but unfortunately we cannot add you into a course that is full.