Application to Withdrawal from Elon University

If for any reason an undergraduate student concludes that they must leave the university on a temporary or long-term basis, he/she must apply for a withdrawal from the university and formalize plans. Students who withdraw from the university prior to the published date for withdrawing from courses with a “W” will receive grades of “W”. If a student withdraws past this date in the term, faculty members will be requested to report the student progress in class at the time of the withdrawal by indicating a “W” or “F” grade. That designation will be entered as the grade on the official transcript.

University withdrawals are managed by the Associate Registrar, Alexander Taylor. Please reach out to if you are considering withdrawal from the university.

Medical Withdrawals

Directions and forms for a medical withdrawal are located here. Questions regarding the medical withdrawal process should be directed to the Office of the Dean of Students at 336-278-7200.

Leaves of Absence (including medical leaves)

A leave of absence is defined as a formal discontinuance in a currently enrolled undergraduate student’s active degree program for any reason. Students granted a leave of absence are not enrolled in classes but remain active in all University’s systems. Elon University offers two options for a leave of absence, a personal leave of absence (PLOA) and a medical leave (MLOA) of absence. Directions and forms to apply for a leave of absence are located here. Questions regarding the leave of absence process should be directed to the Office of the Dean of Students at 336-278-7200.

The university does not grant temporary leaves for a portion of a semester. If a student needs to be away from campus or classes for a portion of a semester (e.g. a few weeks absence), requests should be directed to the faculty member and academic dean for each course.

Graduate Students

Graduate students should consult with the appropriate Graduate Program Director regarding withdrawal procedures for those programs.

All students who withdraw from the institution must reapply for admission to the university. Readmission procedures may be found on the Admissions website.