Official Transcripts

Academic Transcript

Provides all the details of the student’s academic record. Degree, date degree conferred, major(s), minor(s), concentration(s), courses sorted by term, grades, term GPA and cumulative GPA.

Elon Visual EXP Transcript

Provides a visual infographic of the student’s undergraduate Co-Curricular Elon Experiences: Global Education, Internship, Leadership, Research and Service. Please see the Visual Experiential Transcript page for more information.

Elon Academy Transcript

Provides courses High School students attend while enrolled in the Elon Academy which spans three consecutive summers.

Other Official Elon Credentials

Official Certified Electronic Diploma

The official Certified Electronic Diploma (CeDiploma*) provides the details of a student’s degree, including conferral date and a unique number (CeDiD*) displayed top left of the document. The CeDiploma* can be independently validated through the Elon University website by future employers, State Government Licensing Agencies and any other entity that wishes to validate the diploma.

More about Certified Electronic Diplomas

*CeDiploma and CeDiD are a Registered Trademark, Paradigm, Inc., 2015

The Paper Diploma

The paper diploma is an official document issued by Elon, however, it should not be used as a validation of a student’s degree. A replacement paper diploma may be ordered online.

More about replacement paper diplomas

Official Certification of Enrollment

Elon University has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide degree and enrollment verification. We require that employers and background screening firms contact the Clearinghouse for this information. Student’s may obtain their own certification of enrollment.

More about enrollment certification

Credential Engine

Elon has officially partnered with Credential Engine in an effort to improve transparency in the credentialing marketplace.

More about Elon University’s partnership with Credential Engine