Elon’s Learner Profile is a data-driven application designed to help faculty “meet students where they are” in their learning. This application provides faculty with insights about the composition and background of their class rosters. The application provides aggregated academic and co-curricular data to the faculty, in hopes of fine-tuning the faculty’s instructional methods to best reach their students.

Faculty who are assigned to a current and future classes can access the Learner Profile. After an instructor selects the “Term” and “Section” they are interested in, they can find various pages related to their students’ academic background include: their students’ Class levels, most common majors/minors, most frequently taken courses.

The Profile also shares co-curricular insights such as the campus organizations the students are affiliated with, and the most commonly completed Elon Experiences.

The Learner Profile excludes certain sections such as: Graduate and Law sections, sections with fewer than 5 students, among others