Academic planning is an interactive, collaborative process between the student and various advising resources for the student. This process results in a document that the student seeks to follow for their intended major and other key academic experiences while at Elon. It is also a “living, breathing” document; meaning that it will likely change. As you evolve, the document will evolve. As new opportunities arise, the document will also change. Listed below, we provide you several documents to get you started…or to refresh your memory after going through this process during ELN 101.


Components of an Elon University graduation plan: Graduation Plan Checklist

Managing Graduation Planning – Prerequisites & Corequisites

Graduation Plan Template

OnTrack Degree Audit


looking to schedule a graduation plan advising meeting?

Students are welcome to schedule graduation plan advising meetings with staff in the Office of Academic Advising. The staff does not create a plan for students. But we will discuss problem areas, find areas to save time, offer suggestions, and will be available for follow-up discussion after a reflection period by the student.

Please let us know as you schedule the meeting that this will be for graduation planning. Typical meetings are 30 minutes but we attempt to set aside 60 minutes for such meetings due to the details involved.

Please also know that we do not meet with students for graduation planning meetings the three weeks leading up to the start of course registration for each fall and spring. We pause on graduation planning in order to better serve students with course selection for the next term.