On Track Advisor Guide

This guide has screenshots of On Track pages with explanations that advisors will find helpful for registration advising.

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Philosophy of Academic Advising

At Elon, Academic Advising is a form of teaching. Advisors provide accurate information to students in a mentoring environment, challenging them to reflect on interests, skills and aptitudes; to think critically about goals and objectives; to select courses and majors; to have a graduation plan and to consider career options.

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Early Warning

An academic E-WARNING is an electronic notice set up for faculty to voluntarily report any students with excessive absences, missing quizzes, lack of class participation, and other academic focused concerns. For concerns regarding a student’s well-being (which may also include academic concerns), please share your concerns using the online Student Care and Outreach Referral form. Additional information on how to support students in distress is available on the Student Concerns Website: http://www.elon.edu/ShareYouCare.

How to submit an E-Warning: The E-Warning submission link is included to the right of students’ names on the class roster found in OnTrack. E-Warnings are sent to the student, the student’s academic advisor, and the reporting professor.

Academic Advising will track this information and include data in their annual report. Please direct your questions to us by phone at 336-278-6500 or academicadvising@elon.edu.



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Advising Through Elon 101

Elon 101 is a one credit-hour seminar course that integrates academic advising with other academic orientation elements such as the honor code and creating a graduation plan. This informal class covers a broad range of topics designed to ease the transition from high school to college.

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Helping Students Choose a Major

Finding a major can be a daunting task, particularly when students believe a major sets their life path and leaves no room for change. Luckily for our students, we offer several suggestions to help them decide on a major and learn that a person can have many careers in a lifetime regardless of college major.

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