Choosing a major is a decision that each student comes to for their own reasons and on their own timelines. Some students take longer to make their decision and need assistance in the process. Sometimes students also find a career of interest but aren’t sure how to get to that path. And at other times, students think they know their path heading to college, something changes, and they are not sure how to update their path on their own. We understand. Below are some suggestions to help you navigate this important decision no matter where you stand on your own journey.

Enroll in ELN 1110: Exploring Majors Seminar for 1 semester hour. This course is taught each fall and spring. Students explore in depth their values, interests, goals, personality, and more; and how these relate to the majors and other academic experiences available at Elon.

Use the Academic Catalog to explore the academic programs available at Elon. Write down the names of any majors that intrigue you. You’re just exploring and not making a commitment, so write down the names of ones you know less about as well. We then encourage you to use the Majors & Minors link to                      your left. This will provide you quick links to our respective Colleges and Schools to learn more about                      each program. As you learn more, add or eliminate options from your list

Take the free MyPlan: Career and Personality Assessments. These four assessments are designed to help you understand your personality, values, interests, and skills. Access My Plan via the Student Professional Development Center website. Then schedule a meeting to discuss your results with an Academic Advisor.

Do some person-to-person research. Chat with students in majors of interest as well as faculty in the departments. If you need help finding a contact, talk to your ELN 101 instructor or consult with one of our Academic Advisors.

Access “What can I do with this major?” via the Student Professional Development Center website. This is offered by a partner institution but can help students see just how many places majors can take them.

Schedule a meeting with an Academic Advisor. Though we give some suggestions here, it can be helpful to talk through this important decision.