Assessments the SPDC offers

  • MBTI – Learn about your personality preferences and how they connect to career paths and professional development
  • My Plan – Complete a series of four assessments designed to help you understand your personality, values, interests, and skills. Create your individual account, and when prompted, enter license code EGLWQX5D to take the assessments at no charge.
  • StrengthsFinder 2.0 – This online analysis identifies your top five talents and detail strategies for applying your strengths to daily life.
  • Strong Interest Inventory – Discover your interests and related careers.
  • Values clarification – Career advisors can talk with you to determine your values and how they fit with a career. Family, money, travel and lifestyle are some of the values that impact career satisfaction.

One essential aspect of career planning and development is self-assessment. It is important to recognize key characteristics about yourself so that you can make informed decisions. One way to uncover this information is to use these tools to help bring clarity to areas of uncertainty or confusion.

After you take an assessment, log into EJN to make an appointment to review your results and help you gain a deeper understanding of how you can utilize the feedback to explore careers, connect the dots, and take action.

Career Education and Exploration Courses

One-credit courses that will help you explore career options, find internships and jobs, make informed financial decisions, transition from college to your professional life, and much more.
View OnTrack Courses CAE 310-321 topics vary.