You may be required to register an internship for academic credit to satisfy your major(s) graduation requirements. Please carefully read the following instructions:

Cooperative Education Work Experience Program

Co-op is designed for students who want to explore career options, and for students who may have already completed an internship in their majors/minors, yet want more work opportunities where they can gain professional experience and earn academic credit. For more information about the co-op program, contact Director of Internships, Robin Kazmarek.

More about the Co-op Education Work Experience program

Individualized Professional Development Experience – ELR Workbook Program

Individualized Professional Development Experience is pre-approved and mentored by the Director of Internships at the Student Professional Development Center, focused on self-exploration (values/interests/strengths), career exploration, professional communication and conduct, and developing emotional intelligence, intercultural competence, and other professional skills. These goals are facilitated by completing the IPDE ELR Workbook – a guided experience including professional and academic goal creation and measurement, action plans with timetables, supervisor feedback and evaluations, and writing/reflection (including resume). These are non-credit bearing experiences with 40 hours equating to 1 unit that take place in a professional workplace. For more information about the Individualized Professional Development Experience program, contact Director of Internships, Robin Kazmarek.