Your resume, cover letter, e-portfolio, and LinkedIn profile help employers learn more about your skills, accomplishments, professional interests and involvement. Career advisors are available to assist you with your self-marketing materials. To schedule an appointment call 336-278-6538.


A resume is a document that provides a potential employer with a summary of your skills, work and internship experiences, academic achievements, research opportunities, and community involvement. Most employers will only spend 15-20 seconds analyzing your resume. Therefore, it is essential that it is concise, yet descriptive. The goal is for your resume to get you an interview. View sample resumes on the Resources page.

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Cover Letters

A cover letter introduces your interest in the position (or organization), tells potential employers more about you, and is the perfect opportunity to really grab the reader’s attention. View sample cover letters on the Resources page.

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E-portfolios are organized collections of images (e.g., graphic design examples, web design work, photography), writing samples (clips), information, awards and acknowledgments that reflect your professional skills, experiences, and accomplishments. They should be organized by skill, intuitive to the viewer to navigate and easy to explain during a job interview or networking opportunity. E-portfolios should include your best work, not all of your work.

Visit the School of Communications website to learn more about creating and structuring your e-portfolio.


LinkedIn is the largest professional networking application that provides the opportunity to highlight your skills, interests, and experiences, and to connect with peers, colleagues, and potential employers.

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