Salary Negotiation

  • Step One: Research – It is important to know average salaries for your industry and your region  – a public relations assistant account executive will make less in Gibsonville, NC than in New York City. CNN has a cost of living calculator where you can see how far $40K a year will get you in Gibsonville vs. New York. It is important to understand that you will make more for the same position in New York City because it costs more to live there. allows you to search salaries for specific jobs at specific organizations. allows you to search for salaries by city, state. Reach out to those in your network and ask them to provide salary ranges for positions in their field. Asking for a range rather than a specific salary will make your contact more comfortable providing you information.
  • Step Two: Set your Boundaries – Decide a desired salary as well as a rock bottom salary. Choose these numbers based on your research, cost of living of the region, and other budgetary needs.
  • Step Three: Sending your Salary Request – Send a range rather than a specific amount. For example a salary request for an account executive position in Raleigh, North Carolina could be $36K-$41K.

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What is it? “To refuse to do something that you promised or agreed to do.” – Merriam-Webster

A job or internship acceptance is a serious commitment to your new employer, and backing out of that commitment (“reneging”) can have negative effects for you, the employer, and for other Elon students. It is important that you gather relevant information and thoroughly evaluate offers before accepting one.

After you have given your decision careful consideration and accepted an offer, you are expected to honor your commitment. This means you should immediately stop your job or internship search and inform other employers who have extended offers that you have accepted another position.

It is unethical to continue discussions with other potential employers once you have accepted an offer.

Reneging an offer should only occur in rare instances when all options have been explored and a realistic alternative is impossible. If you encounter an unforeseen circumstance and are considering reneging on a job or internship commitment, please make an appointment with the Student Professional Development Center. We can offer support and help you figure out best next steps.

It is important for international students to understand the job search process in the US can be very different than that of your home country. Schedule a meeting with a career advisor to discuss this difference further. As you move through the job/internship search process, keep in mind to only accept one job. When you accept, stop the application process and inform all other companies of your withdrawal from the interviewing process.