About the Business Internship Program

Approved internships provide students with a high-quality intellectual and pre-professional experience that will prepare them for their future roles in business enterprises. Internship opportunities should be sought with a focus on the student’s specific career objectives.

All business majors (except for economics) are required to complete the internship course BUS 381 or ACC 481. This course has a co-requisite of actively working in an approved internship. The course is graded and the grade is factored into the GPA; tuition rates apply. Each internship credit satisfies one unit of Elon’s Experiential Learning Requirement (ELR). BUS 381/ACC 481 is designed to provide declared business majors the opportunity to reflect on their internship experience and support their professional growth through relevant assignments.

Students have previously interned at companies such as Deloitte, MetLife, Vanguard, Merrill Lynch, FactSet and Mercedes-Benz USA.

Elon students seem to have a unique blend of professionalism, academic achievement and relatability. These characteristics allow them to add value to whichever organization they join from day one.

Ryan Onushco, Baker Tilly


To search for on-campus student employment, internships, jobs, graduate and professional school-related events, use the Elon Job Network (EJN).


Interested in hiring Elon business talent? Please review campus recruitment options here.

We have interviewed two Elon students and we have been nothing but blown away by their performance. They are clearly taught all the right tools. We are so happy to have built a connection with the school!

Andrew Friedman, FCB Chicago

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