Internship Requirements for Summer 2024

  • Required second-year standing with a declared major in business and a minimum of 45 credit hours earned or permission of instructor
  • Cumulative GPA is at least a 2.0 and in good academic standing
  • Work a minimum of 80 hours per enrolled credit hour
  • Work a minimum of four weeks; more hours are encouraged
  • Engage in a new experience (not previous employment)
  • Supervisor cannot be a relative, friend, or current student.
  • You cannot register your own business as an internship for academic credit
  • Register and complete the internship course concurrently with the internship
    • Retroactive registration for a past experience will not be approved

Summer 2024 Internship Information Session

* Required for all business majors who want to register their internship for academic credit for Summer 2024

If you plan to complete an internship for academic credit during Summer 2024, you are required to attend one of the following sessions.

  • March 18th – 4:15 PM, LaRose Digital Theatre
  • April 16th – 4:15 PM, LaRose Digital Theatre
  • April 23rd – 4:15 PM, LaRose Digital Theatre
  • May 9th – 4:15 PM, LaRose Digital Theatre

Robin Porter, Director of Internships, will give an overview of the registration process and coursework associated with BUS 3985/ACC 4985.

Internship Registration Deadline – Summer 2024

Summer session I:
Registration opens: Monday, April 8
Registration deadline: Tuesday, May 28

Summer session II:
Registration opens: Monday, April 8
Registration deadline: Tuesday, June 25

How to register your internship

Need assistance searching for an internship?

If you would like help finding an internship, please contact the Porter Family Professional Development Center at 336.278.6064 or make an appointment with a career advisor through EJN.

Drop-in hours will also be held in the Porter Family Professional Development Center Monday-Thursday 12-2 p.m. Stop by to get your quick questions answered!


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Student Spotlight: Tate Dahlgren ’23

headshot of Tate DahlgrenInternship: International Tax Intern at Deloitte

Major: Accounting

Minors: Economics and Finance

Internship responsibilities: “The projects I have been working on have been centered around compliance work, as it is international tax’s busy season over the summer. Therefore, I have mostly been doing tax returns over the past few weeks for the six clients I am staffed on. Additionally, Deloitte has a campus/training facility in Westlake, Texas (right outside of Dallas), which we traveled to during the internship! This was mainly for networking and professional training, and it was a great time.”

What I enjoyed most about the experience: “I have been having a great experience so far, mostly because of the people I work with and the fact that I have been able to go into the office five days a week, with the option of working from home Monday and Friday.”

Student Spotlight: Xuan Huynh ’24

Xuan Huyng standing in front of a sign that reads First National BankInternship: Retail Administration Analytics Intern at F.N.B. Corporation

Major: Finance

Minor: Women, Gender & Sexualities Studies

Internship responsibilities: “I worked within the Retail Channel Optimization group and my summer focus was building a Branch Dashboard in TIBCO Spotfire. The dashboard provides a summary of how a selected branch is performing across 70 key performance indicators. It serves as a tool in discussions related to branch optimization, which refers to analyzing the bank’s branch footprint and identifying potential locations to conduct denovos (openings), consolidations (closes), or 2-in-1 combinations.”

What I enjoyed most about the experience: “Not only was I able to improve my technical skills this summer, but I learned a considerable amount about the banking industry. My supervisor and employee who I worked closely with regularly set aside time to check-in and chat about my work and the bank. The work environment at FNB is inviting, and I appreciate how comfortable I felt asking questions and contributing to meetings.”

Advice for students seeking an internship: “The internship search can be overwhelming. Worry less about finding the perfect internship and focus on getting your foot in the door somewhere and networking. If you are unsure about which career path you want to follow, prioritize learning more about topics that interest you. I cannot emphasize enough how great case competitions are. They are opportunities to experiment in different fields and make for strong talking points in interviews. I also recommend reaching out to alumni, students, and faculty whose work interests you. Meet with them and take notes. Be sure to follow up with a personalized thank you note that shows active listening.”