Internship Requirements for Summer 2021

  • Cumulative GPA is at least a 2.0; and in good academic standing
  • Work a minimum of 80 hours per enrolled credit hour
  • Work a minimum of four weeks; more hours are encouraged
  • Engage in a new experience (not previous employment)
  • Supervisor cannot be a relative or friend
  • Register and complete the internship course concurrently with the internship
    • Retroactive registration for a past experience will not be approved

Summer 2021 Internship Information Session

Required for all business majors who want to register their internship for academic credit

If you plan to complete an internship for academic credit during Summer 2021, one of your first assignments is to view the pre-recorded Business Internship Information Session. You can view the 20-minute recording here. This recording will discuss how to register your internship on the Elon Job Network, as well as review the academic coursework associated with the BUS 381/ACC 481 course. Please contact with further questions.

Internship Registration Deadlines

Summer Session I
Thursday, May 27 at 5 p.m.

Summer Session II
Thursday, July 1 at 5 p.m.

How to register your internship

Need assistance searching for an internship?

If you would like help finding an internship, please contact the Porter Family Professional Development Center at 336.278.6064 or make a virtual appointment with a career advisor through EJN.

Are you completing a virtual internship this summer?

Click here to learn important tips and tricks to help you stand out!


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Student Spotlight

Virginia Campitiello ’22

Major: International Business – Dual Degree program headshot of Virginia Campitiello

Internship: Wayfair – E-commerce intern, part of the Specialty Retail Brands Promotions team

Responsibilities at Wayfair: My set of responsibilities includes both practical task – such as uploading SKUs for events and promotions, keeping the Share of Voice tracker updated, doing Q&A for the upcoming events in order to make sure everything is ready to give the clients the best shopping experience as possible – but also a lot of critical thinking opportunities that make me analyze, reflect and draw conclusions based on data I collect (mostly about our competitors in order to forecast what they’ll do this year for the upcoming holidays).

What you’ve enjoyed most about your experience so far? Surely, having so many responsibilities. It feels good to have a team that trust you and rewards you when you do a good job. Also, I am realizing how really Wayfair cares about putting in practice their values and culture, so it has been great to see the everyday commitment of everyone in order to create and maintain the best workplace ever.

How has COVID-19 affected your internship? The entire internship will be, unfortunately, all remote. They are going to come back in person on August 1st, when my experience will be over already. Obviously, working from home is not the best for someone who is having their first real work experience, but planning a routine and sticking to it, helps for sure.

Advice for your peers who are interning this summer: I hope you all can have an in-person experience, but in general, I’d say that the first thing is trying to challenge yourself every day, even with little things. e.g. try to amplify your network and meet other co-ops, try to work more on the things you don’t feel comfortable with.