With all the changes in our socioeconomic world, you may find yourself wondering what to do next when it comes to your career, your internship search, or securing a graduate or professional school option. Please know that our team is committed to supporting you consistently and creatively during this journey. Our staff continues to work remotely and we are eager to assist you. Our virtual doors are still open! Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. EDT.

The easiest way to make an appointment with a career advisor is through the Elon Job Network. Additionally, you may also call our front desk (336) 278-6064 or email lsbcareer@elon.edu.

The Porter Center is located on the first floor of the Ernest A. Koury Sr. Business Center, room 106.

Commonly Asked Questions

How can I connect with a career advisor during this time?

The Porter Center team is working hard to support you during this time. The easiest way to make a virtual appointment with a career advisor is through the Elon Job Network. You may also call our front desk (336) 278-6064 or email lsbcareer@elon.edu as they are being monitored. We look forward to hearing from you!

How can I look for jobs/internships during this time?

Many companies are still hiring, but please be aware the hiring process may be extended and will likely  be a totally virtual experience. You will need some additional patience and persistence. You may contact the company to check on the status of a submitted application if no update has been provided. You must carve out time to dedicate to your job/internship search and networking.  Make sure your resume, cover letter and social media profiles are updated.  Find out which industries have the most need.

Click here to access the Elon Job Network. The Elon Job Network is Elon University’s Student Professional Development Center one-stop shop for all things related to jobs, internships, and on-campus employment opportunities. The Elon Job Network is updated daily to meet your needs.  Additionally, you can find virtual employer engagement sessions to continue your learning this summer!

Additional helpful resources:

Should I still be networking during this time? I’m not able to meet with people in person right now.

  • Yes! We are continuing to hear from alumni and employers, that they are more than happy to virtually connect with you. Make sure that your LinkedIn profile is updated and complete.
  • Don’t have a profile or want a LinkedIn review? Reach out to a career advisor and we would be more than happy to assist you! In the meantime check out these LinkedIn resources.
  • Review tips and tricks on informational interviewing.
  • This is also a good time to review all of your social media platforms and ensure that your presence is professional.
  • Stay organized with your contacts with the help of a spreadsheet! Stay in touch with those that you’ve connected with previously.

What are some best practices for doing a virtual interview?

  • Interviewing is still on-going during this time, but all interviews have transitioned to either phone calls or on-demand interviews. It is essential to get comfortable with these platforms in order to put your best  foot forward virtually.
  • Check out this previously recorded webinar on Mastering the Virtual Interview.
  • What Is an On-Demand Interview.
  • 3 quick tips:
    • 1) Get practice with BigInterview: an online/virtual interviewing tool that records your interview and provides tips and strategies for answering a variety of interview questions within all industries. Create a free account today!
    • 2) Get dressed head to toe just like you would for an in-person interview! Yes, really! This simple change will reframe your brain and tell you that this is a business conversation, not a casual interaction. Prep your interview area for success! Minimize distractions and ensure that you have a space to take notes. Minimize background noises and background visuals if you are completing an interview where the employer can see your face.
    • 3) Smile! Even during a phone call, the other individual will be able to hear the smile come through your voice. It creates a sense of warmth and welcoming. Especially if you are nervous, a smile can help out a lot!

Additional resources and information

Be proactive and reward yourself along the way. We get it, it can feel a bit discouraging right now. We encourage you to keep persevering and keep trying and learning something new. Try your best to stay focused on what you can control and make sure to set aside plenty of time to rest and recharge.

Review Elon mental health resources provided by counseling services at any time.

The Porter Family Professional Development Center builds lasting relationships with students by offering support and coaching throughout the student’s academic and professional journey in the Martha and Spencer Love School of Business. We offer consultative one-on-one meetings with students to create an action plan that will help each student secure the internship or job that best suits their career goals. We also host custom workshops for student groups, provide daily drop-in hours, and work closely with the Student Professional Development Center (SPDC) to ensure business talent have access to a variety of recruitment options, including on-campus interviews.

The Porter Center and SPDC are proud to be recognized as a Top 10 Career Services office in the country by the Princeton Review.

Love School of Business Professionalism Statement

The Love School of Business expects students to represent themselves in a professional manner at all times, in accordance with the values of Elon University’s Honor Code: honesty, integrity, responsibility, and respect. This includes communicating professionally with all faculty, staff, alumni, and company representatives; honoring all commitments at school and with external professional pursuits; and behaving ethically and honestly. We believe these tenets are essential to building a positive professional reputation.

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