Student Planning

Starting in January 2022, Elon University began to use Student Planning as a primary resource for course management and student advising. Advisors are strongly encouraged to attend one of the Student Planning Training events provided by the Office of the Registrar. We will be enhancing training materials for Student Planning here in the future. For now, please attend a training session in spring 2022.

Academic Catalog

The Elon University SmartCatalog is the Academic Catalog for Elon University students and advisors. The Academic Catalog is rich in information: lists of majors and minors and their requirements; academic standing policies, such as Dean’s List; an in-depth overview of the Elon Core Curriculum; and more. Students hold responsibility for understanding this information. Advisors hold responsibility for interpretation and discussion with their advisees of their options, responsibilities, and goals to achieve at Elon. By gaining a greater understanding of the Academic Catalog, advisors will better support their students.

Elon Core Curriculum

The Elon Core Curriculum is the central feature to an Elon University Education. Flush with opportunities for interesting courses, students have the opportunity to enrich their minds through the Elon Core Curriculum. Many of these classes can be taken on campus, taught by our wonderful faculty. Others can be experienced in various Study Abroad and Study USA programs; sometimes taught by our faculty, and sometimes taught by partner institutions.

One of the key aspects of the Elon Core Curriculum is the Experiential Learning Requirement. We encourage students and advisors to spend time learning about the respective ELR opportunities offered by the appropriate resource at Elon: