Major Declaration Process Overview:

All students are required to declare their major by the start of junior year, per the Student Handbook. We encourage returning students and new transfers who have determined their major/minor pathway to declare their major as soon as possible. For new first-year students, they must wait until November 1st of the fall semester or March 1st of the spring semester while enrolled in their ELN 1010 class. This allows their ELN 1010 instructor and advisor to maintain access to their academic records, which is central to the ELN 1010 class experience.

Major Declaration Timing:

First-Year Students may declare as early as November 1st for those who start in the fall semester and March 1st for students who start in the spring semester.

Transfer Students may declare after deposit and prior to arrival at Elon and no later than the start of junior year; meaning 2 full years or less remaining to graduate.

Returning Students may declare at any time after the completion of ELN 1010 but no later than the start of junior year; meaning 2 full years or less remaining to graduate.

Degree Audit/My Progress:

Your major will be processed typically within 2-3 business weeks from the time of submission. The Office of Academic Advising will update and students will be able to view the revised degree audit in the My Progress section of OnTrack: Student Planning section.

Students may declare their major at any time. Advisor-advisee pairings, however, only occur at certain times of the semester.

New Advisor Pairings:

New advisor-advisee pairings occur in cycles. The cutoff date for major declaration to get a new major advisor is typically 5-7 weeks prior to the start of course registration, per the date posted on the Academic Calendar. This date is updated on our main Major Declaration website. Within 2-3 weeks after that cutoff date, all new advisor-advisee pairings will be completed.

During the freeze period, students are still encouraged to declare their major. However, we will wait to assign new advisor-advisee pairings until after registration advising and course registration concludes. Students must work with their current advisor, however, on registration advising for the upcoming semester. We will collaborate with departments on assigning a new advisor shortly after course registration concludes.