Incomplete Grades

All students who request an Incomplete “I” grade in a course should first read the catalog guidelines below and submit the contract on this page.  The form will automatically route to the instructor and the department chair for approvals and a final notification will be emailed to the student.

An “I” grade signifies incomplete work because of illness, emergency, extreme hardship or self-paced courses. An “I” grade is normally not given when a student has missed more than 30 percent of the class work. It is not given for a student missing the final examination unless excused by the appropriate department chair upon communication from the student. The student receiving a grade of “I” completes all work no later than nine class days after mid-semester assessments are due during the following semester. A final grade is submitted to the Registrar by the instructor the following Monday. After this date the “I” grade automatically changes to “F” unless an extension is granted by the Dean of the school/college.