Elon has earned a strong national reputation for conservatory-style training grounded in the liberal arts and sciences. All of our programs are led by a vibrant faculty that combines years of international professional experience and scholarly expertise with a passion for teaching and mentoring. We offer pre-professional Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in Acting, Dance Performance & Choreography and Music Theatre. We also offer Bachelor of Arts degree in Arts Administration, Drama and Theatre Studies, and Theatrical Design and Technology, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Dance Science. Rounding out our offerings are three minors: Dance, Theatre Arts, and Theatrical Design and Technology.

In our performance field, there is no substitute for production experience. Throughout your academic career at Elon, you will have the chance to participate on stage and behind the scenes in a variety of productions, from significant faculty and guest-directed productions to student-directed shows, ensembles, master classes taught by industry professionals, and interdisciplinary and disciplinary specific workshops. Further, in all of our degree programs, we emphasize engaged learning experiences outside of the classroom, such as internships, study abroad and study USA programs related to your major, professional employment in your field during the summer, and undergraduate research opportunities. We find these experiences enrich your learning and artistry as well as allow you to develop significant real-world experience before your graduate from Elon.


Acting B.F.A.

Elon is recognized in the theatre industry as a proven training ground for mature, skilled and knowledgeable actors. The Elon Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program features an intensive course of study and performance designed to give you the knowledge, experience and professional exposure you need to build a successful career on stage, on camera or in graduate school.

Acting Degree Requirements & Courses

Arts Administration A.B.

Elon’s arts administration major is built on a multidisciplinary approach, combining a strong core rooted in arts administration approaches to management, legal issues and marketing with a management/business component, and a concentration in the student’s chosen art form (i.e. art, art history, music or performing arts). Students graduating with this major are well prepared through the coursework and their internship experiences to enter the professional artistic field and employ their expertise to bring artistic events to the public. Similarly, they may also choose to enter a graduate program in arts administration to hone their skills and seek more specialized positions with the arts administration profession.

Arts Administration Degree Requirements & Courses

Dance Performance & Choreography B.F.A.

Elon’s Department of Performing Arts is recognized for providing conservatory-style training in a liberal arts setting. Elon offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in dance performance and choreography. The program features a unique and intensive course of study designed to give you the knowledge, experience and professional exposure you need to build a successful career as a dancer, choreographer or graduate student.

Dance Performance & Choreography Degree Requirements & Courses

Dance Science B.S.

The mission of the Dance Science degree program is to prepare students with a breadth of knowledge in the sub disciplines of dance science and for students to reach their highest technical and creative potential in a variety of dance forms. The focus is on the practical application of scientific principles to enhance dance and movement performance, improve dance training, reduce injury and contribute to the overall well being of dancers. The Dance Science program uniquely combines elements of the Exercise Science curriculum with the Dance Performance and Choreography curriculum while building in flexibility for study abroad and undergraduate research projects.

Dance Science Degree Requirements & Courses

Music Theatre B.F.A.

Casting directors and talent agents take notice when they see “Elon University” on the resumes of music theatre graduates. That’s because Elon has built a reputation in the industry for producing mature, talented, energetic and creative performers. If you have your sights set on performing in music theatre, Elon will prepare you for the spotlight. The music theatre program is an intensive course of study and performance, focused on providing you with the knowledge, experience and professional exposure you need to build a successful career on stage or in graduate school.

Music Theatre Degree Requirements & Courses

Drama & Theatre Studies A.B.

The Drama and Theatre Studies degree at Elon embraces theatre’s inherent interdisciplinarity and offers students a program that combines textual and historical analysis of theatre with hands-on performance and production experiences.

Drama & Theatre Degree Requirements & Courses

Theatrical Design & Technology A.B.

The theatrical design and technology program emphasizes engaged learning and hands on practices. You are encouraged to get involved on our productions during your first year. Throughout your educational journey you will put your skills and talent to the test by participating in our musicals, plays, dance concerts, student productions, musical revues, and professional quality workshops.

Theatrical Design & Technology Requirements & Courses


Dance Minor

Dance Minor Requirements & Courses

Theatre Arts Minor

Theatre Arts Minor Requirements & Courses

Theatrical Design & Technology Minor

Theatrical Design & Technology Minor Requirements & Courses