The Elon Performing Arts Department hosts various guest artists throughout the year, including directors, choreographers, directors, actors, agents, entrepreneurs, technical designers, and much more. An example of some guest workshops and presentations are listed below:

Casting Directors:

Patricia McCorckle

Founder of McCorckle Casting

JC Clementz

Casting Director at Steppenwolf Theatre

Rob Decina

Casting Director for CBS Television Studios


Lindsay Levine

Agent at Gray Talent Group

Carol Ingber

Founder of Ingber and Associates

Craig Holzberg

Owner of Avalon Artists Group


Olympia Dukakis

Academy Award-Winning Actor

BD Wong

Tony Award-Winning Actor

John Basil

Director and Author

Hope Alexander


Lenny Banovez

Artistic Director of Hope Repertory Theatre

Sarah Hankins

Artistic Director of Triad Stage

Lenard Petit

International Michael Chekhov specialist

Ed Cunningham

Voiceover Actor

Tim Campbell

Voiceover Actor

Rick Zieff

Voiceover Actor

Cameron Knight

Actor and Head of Acting at Rutgers University

Ben Crystal

Director and Shakespearian Expert

Adam Szymkowicz


Steven Dietz


Jacqueline E. Lawton


Andres Munar