Resources & Sample Schedules

We offer several resources on this page. We highlight our First-Year only courses to start followed by Sample Schedules. We then turn to Transfer Credits. The other resources may be helpful to you now, but you will also learn them extensively during your ELN 1010: First-Year Advising Seminar in your first semester.

First Year Course Sections

First Year Sections are an integral aspect of the course offerings for incoming first-year fall admitted students. These sections focus on the topic at hand, but with an inquiry methodology focused on developing critical thinking, analytical processing, self-awareness, and community and global connections.

Fall 2023 First-Year Only Sections

Sample Schedules

We have prepared several sample schedules for you to review. Focus on the varying times for classes as well as topics. Use these in conjunction with Building Your Class Schedule, Planning Your Class Schedule. We have provided 7 sample schedules but there are countless combinations. It’s important for you to use these resources to help inform you so you can build an effective schedule for you!

Biology – Intended Major

Engineering Undecided Major

Love School of Business Major

Education Major

Multiple Majors of Interest

Performing Arts Major

School of Communications Major

Transfer Course Equivalencies

The Transfer Course Equivalencies website allows you to review what classes have transferred from other institutions in the past. Additionally, the Review Transfer Credit from Exams link on this site displays how Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and other exams translate to course credit at Elon. There is a video located under the Video Tutorial tab with more information about Course Equivalencies.

Elon Core Curriculum

The Elon Core Curriculum website is a great resource to review the the components and requirements of the Elon University general education program, which we call the Elon Core Curriculum. First-year students will mostly focus on First-Year Foundations, World Languages, and the Studies in the Arts & Sciences; along with courses for major(s) of interest in their first semester.

Smart Catalog

The Smart Catalog is your guidebook to the requirements to graduate from Elon. This resource includes information on general graduation requirements as well as our lists of majors and minors. Review the majors and courses that you would have an opportunity to complete to help you determine courses of interest for your first semester.