Many students start college not sure of their path. Some students have some ideas in mind of what they would like to try and want to get some help making sense of their options. Others aren’t sure what options exist. Still others thought they are going in one direction but have changed their minds and need help figuring out the next step.

You may want to consider taking ELN 1110: Exploring Majors Seminar if you are not sure of your options. This is a one-semester hour class taught for 2 hours per week in the first half of the fall and spring semesters. The class is taught by a member of the Office of Academic Advising. In the class, you will focus on:

  • Decision-making
  • Your values, interests, goals, skills, and personality and how this match up with majors
  • What aspects of majors are you willing to bend on (i.e. deal with)
  • What aspects of a major may be a deal breaker because the major does or does not have something you want or need