Planning Your Schedule

Building Your Schedule can be helpful in identifying common classes by majors. Planning the layout of your schedule it the next step. Consider the following in laying out your schedule:

  • Balancing out your schedule
  • Paying attention to the times of courses and what times will work best for you.
  • Plan alternatives: Are you willing to take a key class of interest at a less preferred time? Or will you find an alternate class, wait list the preferred section, and hope to get in? (always find a back up if you wait list a class!)
  • Keep in mind, classes can range from 70 minutes to 100 minutes
  • Leave time for breaks between your classes

When are classes offered?

Another key piece of information is when are classes. The chart below identifies common class times:

Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays (MWF)

or Mondays & Wednesdays (MW)

Tuesdays & Thursdays (TTH)

8:00 – 9:10 AM 8:00 – 9:40 AM
9:30 – 10:40 AM 10:30 AM – 12:10 PM
11:00 AM – 12:10 PM 12:30 – 2:10 PM
12:30 – 1:40 PM 2:30 – 4:10 PM
2:00 – 3:10 PM (MWF)

2:00 – 3:40 (MW)

5:30 – 7:10 PM
4:00 – 5:40 PM
6:00 – 7:40 PM

Some class times are different than what is listed, such as for lab science, studio art classes, and ELN 1010. Always check the times listed for the class in OnTrack to be certain of when a class is offered. But think about when you learn best using this chart.