Travel to any Spanish-speaking country!

You can receive up to $650 toward a plane ticket to the Spanish-speaking country of your choice. Use your ticket for your spring break vacation, Winter Term or even a semester abroad. Your ticket, your choice! Log in 140 hours with us!

By doing what?

  • Attending our conversation classes
  • Attending our cultural/social programs and events throughout the school year.
  • Coming for help on regular Spanish class assignments.
  • Spending time with us and practicing your Spanish skills with Student Coordinators and other native speakers.
  • Spending time as a volunteer in Alamance County with our service programs.

Check out the map below to find out about students who have used the plane ticket to travel to various Spanish speaking countries around the world.

Come see us in Carlton 114 for all of the activities we offer and start adding up your hours!

El Centro is more than just a place to do homework. It is a place of self-development, discovery and expansion of awareness. Though it was challenging, El Centro gave me the tools to take control of my academic pursuits and create a lifestyle of cultural exploration and pursuit of justice. I was able to develop my sense of self, my own Hispanic, Latina identity, improve my Spanish, and learn more about the culture my family comes from.

Kimberly Wilson ’19

Where students have gone

Visit the pins on the map below to find out more about each adventure!