¡Bienvenidos al Centro!

El Centro provides an environment to engage in celebration, collaboration, dialogue and research to propel advocacy, appreciation and academic achievement within the Latinx/Hispanic community. It also serves as an educational and cultural base for all students, faculty, and staff members through engagement, cultural awareness and community service with the Latinx/Hispanic community.

Our Vision

To provide an environment for education and advocacy to create a deeper understanding of Latinx/Hispanic identities and cultures.

Our Mission

To advocate for and empower Elon’s Latinx/Hispanic community to thrive academically, personally, socially, and professionally while engaging with Elon’s campus to promote intercultural competence and an equitable education related to Latinx/Hispanic identities and cultures.

  • Mi Gente: to provide an inclusive environment for Latinx/Hispanic students, faculty, and staff to feel respected and celebrated.
  • Mi Comunidad: to engage in collaboration with different offices/departments within the Elon University community, as well as local and global organizations with the goal of promoting and educating about the Latinx/Hispanic identity.
  • Mi Educación: to foster a deeper understanding of Latinx/Hispanic identities and cultures through co-curricular programming and resources.

The Center for Race, Ethnicity, and Diversity Education (CREDE)

The CREDE and El Centro advance the conversation on student diversity education campus-wide to develop intercultural competence, and provide race and ethnicity related advocacy, services and programs to promote the intellectual achievement, personal success and social belonging of all students, faculty, and staff, particularly those from underrepresented and historically marginalized communities.