Mi Educación Mission

To foster a deeper understanding of Latinx/Hispanic identities and cultures through co-curricular programming and resources.

Events & Programs

Fall Events

Hispanic Heritage Month Kickoff Festival

A fun celebration that marks the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month on campus.

Oratorical Contest

A showcase of Latinx/Hispanic talent through song, dance, and spoken word. 2020’s videos on our Instagram!


An evening of faculty, students, and alumni presentations on issues related to the Latinx/Hispanic community at Elon and beyond.

Identity Panel: Who Am I?

A panel of students, faculty, and staff who reflect on what it means to them to be Latinx/Hispanic.

Hispanic Tailgate

A classic American tradition with a twist, including Latinx/Hispanic music and food.


Signature Programs

El Centro’s Podcast

Siéntate y Hablemos is available on Spotify. Join us for a weekly conversation about everything and anything Hispanic/Latinx in our new podcast: siéntate y hablemos!

What They Didn't Teach You in The Books

“What They Didn’t Teach You in The Books” is history series about the intersectionality of Latinx/Hispanic identities. The first presentation of the series was Queer Latinidad, a focus on the intersectionality between the Latinx/Hispanic identity and the LGBTQIA communities in the USA and Latinx/Hispanic countries.

El Centro Conversation Classes

El Centro offers free conversation classes to Elon students, faculty, and staff. They are non-credit bearing classes offered to different levels, from new beginners to advanced. Recently, El Centro started offering Spanish classes to Pre-Health students, Healthcare professionals in the Francis Center, and Law students at the Greensboro campus.

  • Pre-Health: A beginner course to introduce medical Spanish and terminology to pre-health students.
  • Law: A resource to learn about the language, grammar, and culture, but also to learn about the elements of equity, social justice, intercultural awareness and sensitivity, and identity.
  • Healthcare Professionals: A course for all levels so individuals can improve their ability to communicate with patients in Spanish.
  • Spanish for Heritage Speakers: A course designed for students from Latinx/Hispanic backgrounds who want to improve their Spanish-speaking skills.


Latinx/Hispanic Identity in the Classroom

For a listing of the courses currently being offered, please view the Elon University Academic Catalog.

Latin American Studies Minor

Elon offers an engaging program in the Latin American Studies Minor, open to students of all disciplines. Please visit the Latin American Studies minor website for more detailed information about the minor and contact information in case of questions.

Spanish Language Classes:

  • SPN121 Elementary Spanish 1
  • SPN122 Elementary Spanish 2
  • SPN221 Intermediate Spanish 1
  • SPN 222 Intermediate Spanish 2

Spotlighting Classes on Latinx/Hispanic Identity and Culture

Latinos in the United States: Past, Present and Future

This course is an interdisciplinary study of the diversity of the culture, history, and social, economic and political situation of the Latino population in the United States. Course content will include literature, film and music, current articles from various disciplines and direct contact with the local Latino population. Taught in Spanish. Readings in Spanish and English. Prerequisite: SPN 222 or placement at this level.

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Spain is Different

In this course, we will dedicate to the study of contemporary culture of Spain from diverse angles and subjects, like geography, history, gastronomy, sociology, cinema, news, among others. The aim is to understand the variety and contradictions of Spain and its enormous popularity.

Religion, Idolatry and Conquest

The main objective of this course is to provide students with a general perspective of the issues surrounding the conquest of America in religious terms. Students will read about problems of colonization, as well as about the creation of otherness, and the emergence of indigenous resistance in the context of the creation of imperial hegemony in Spain.

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Indigenous Resistance in the Andes

This course is an in-depth look at indigenous history and culture in Bolivia and Peru from the pre-Columbian period to the present. The emphasis of this course is placed on evaluating and analyzing the changing experience of indigenous peoples and how this manifests in a long history of resistance. Included in this is recurrent discussions on how the Spanish/mestizo elite continuously fashioned policy regarding the indigenous people and how Natives responded to such impositions and sought to develop alternative policies.

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Student Employment and Leadership Opportunities

Student Coordinator


The Student Coordinator position in the Center for Race, Ethnicity, & Diversity Education (CREDE) and El Centro is a highly-selective student leadership development position for Elon University students of all identities and backgrounds interested in a hands-on experience in social justice work. El Centro Student Coordinators are Elon’s grassroots leaders, organizers, and facilitators for campus-wide discussions, reflections and action on issues surrounding race, ethnicity, and the teaching of the Spanish language and its cultures.This is a paid position.

Each year, the CREDE and El Centro rigorously train a team of Student Coordinators to develop a deep and self-reflective analysis of race and ethnicity, build critical-thinking skills, and foster exemplary leadership in order to prepare students as professionals and citizens for social justice. Over the course of the year, Student Coordinators receive mentorship and work closely with CREDE and El Centro staff while leading race, ethnicity, and diversity related programs in specialized program areas.

Spanish Conversation Class Leaders


El Centro offers the opportunity for undergraduate students to acquire teaching skills, cultural competence and sensitivity while helping leading El Centro Conversation Classes. This position prepares conversation leaders to think critically, embrace diversity and inclusion, and work on social justice through leading within and beyond the classroom, meaningfully participating in a global society.

El Centro Conversation Leader provides high quality and effective, non-credit bearing Spanish language instruction through dynamic teaching methods that are centered around faculty, staff and students, and their individual language goals and needs. This position is committed to engage students in conversation classes, community service opportunities and events related to El Centro.