Elon has four Centers Abroad, where we partner with study abroad partner organizations to develop and implement a customized program for Elon students.  These organizations develop the partnerships necessary to run a successful study abroad program and organize housing, classes, and student support. Elon sends an experienced faculty member to serve as the faculty in residence on these programs.

The course taught by the faculty in residence varies depending on the program.  Faculty members in London and Florence typically teach an Integrative Core Capstone Seminar. Faculty members on the Love School of Business Center in Shanghai teach a course within their business discipline, and faculty members on the Dr. Jo Watts Williams School of Education Center in Dunedin team-teach an education course with local faculty members. For all programs, local faculty members teach the remaining courses.

Students from any discipline can apply for the London and Florence programs, while the Shanghai program is geared to business students and the Dunedin program is open only to education students.

Current Centers Abroad


Fall semester dates: N/A

Spring semester dates: mid-February to mid-June


Faculty in Residence application open to Dr. Jo Watts Williams School of Education faculty — email Ann Bullock.



Fall semester dates: late August to late November

Spring semester dates: late January to mid-May


Faculty in Residence application open to all Elon faculty — see below for process.



Fall semester dates: early September to mid-December

Spring semester dates: early January to late April


Faculty in Residence application open to all Elon faculty — see below for process.



Fall semester dates: early September to late December

Spring semester dates: N/A


Faculty in Residence application open to Love School of Business faculty — email Raghu Tadepalli.


Process for Faculty Selection for Elon Centers

At this time, the GEC does not accept applications for the Shanghai or Dunedin programs.  As these programs are specific to certain schools, faculty-in-residence selection is handled by the schools.

Applications for faculty in residence at the Centers in London and Florence should be submitted to the GEC and will be reviewed and approved by the Advisory Committee for the GEC. The Dublin Global Pathfinders program has a separate application from the London and Florence application and will be reviewed by representatives from the GEC Advisory Committee, Elon Core Curriculum, and the First Year Experience committee.

A facstaff e-mail announcing the application period will be sent when applications are available and notifying the community of the due date. Applications are reviewed in March of each year.

Eligibility Requirements and Helpful Notes

The requirements below apply to the London and Florence programs. To have the best chance of success, your application to serve as faculty in residence should be submitted four years in advance of the term you would like to serve. Applications are not accepted more than four years in advance; unusual circumstances may allow applications to be accepted less than four years in advance but applications will not be accepted less than 18 months in advance. Part of this time will be required to prepare and seek approval of your course. To see the semesters currently available for each Center program, visit the faculty listings document at the bottom of the page.

  • Applicants should have achieved post-probationary status, or equivalent for non-tenure track positions at the time of application.
  • Applicants should have experience, either during their careers at Elon or another institution, teaching on a short-term study abroad or domestic study away program, or equivalent experience working with students in a similar setting away from campus prior to applying.
  • Preference will be given to applicants who have not yet served as Faculty in Residence at an Elon Center.
  • There is a minimum five (5) year duration between periods of service as Faculty in Residence at Elon Centers.
  • Faculty members are eligible only once for each site, but can serve at more than one site.
  • Faculty members must have taught an Integrative Core Capstone Seminar within the last two years or must teach one on campus prior to the semester abroad.

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