Our Services

Learning Assistance offers currently enrolled Elon University students walk-in and by-appointment tutoring.

New in Fall 2020

Learning Assistance will shift to a hybrid model of support for fall as we offer both in-person and online tutoring for most supported courses/disciplines. This model will ensure that students and tutors who don’t feel comfortable meeting in person, who are at greater risk of illness, and those who become ill, will be able to access academic support. Students who prefer in-person assistance will be able to meet in person with a tutor while keeping a safe physical distance.

Our Mission

The mission of Learning Assistance is to support both faculty instruction and student learning by providing academic assistance, which reinforces and supplements the university curriculum.

Our goals include:

  • Hiring qualified peer tutors to help students identify specific problems they are experiencing with their courses, establishing procedures for addressing those problems, and providing useful, immediate feedback concerning their progress.
  • Training peer tutors to develop competence in tutoring methodology and interpersonal skills that will demonstrate respect for the whole person.
  • Building self-respect and self-confidence in the students served so that they can become independent learners.
  • Collaborating with faculty to allocate tutors in creative and effective ways to meet both instructional demands of the classroom and the tutoring needs of students.
  • Offering services that can enhance a student’s academic experience.
  • Collaborating with other partners within The Koenigsberger Learning Center.
  • Organizing campus-wide initiatives and administering workshops to support a strong academic culture at Elon.