Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't feel comfortable meeting in person with a tutor?

We offer both in-person and online sessions for most courses/disciplines. When you make your appointment through our online scheduling page, you can choose to schedule either an online or an in-person session.

How does by-appointment tutoring work?

Student should make an appointment by visiting our online scheduling page. For in-person appointments you’ll meet your tutor on the second floor of Belk Library at the scheduled time.

For online appointments, see our by-appointment tutoring page for details on how to join your session.

How does drop-in tutoring work?

You don’t need an appointment for drop-in tutoring. Consult the schedule for drop-in tutoring and visit the second floor of Belk Library for help in any of the following subjects: ACC, CSC, ECO, MTH, PHY, and STS.

Where does in-person tutoring take place?

In-person tutoring takes place on the second floor of Belk Library.

Who tutors for Learning Assistance?

All tutors are undergraduate students who (1) have earned a grade of B or higher in the course(s) they tutor and (2) have been recommended by a faculty member. All tutors complete 10 hours of training through Learning Assistance.

What should I bring to my session?

Bring any materials related to an upcoming assignment or exam. This may include the course syllabus, an assignment prompt, class notes, textbooks, etc.

Why does my tutor need to know what class I'm in and my professor's name?

Tutors collect this information so that we can notify your instructor of your visit. Tutors complete a post-session report that details each visit and this form is automatically emailed to the instructor of record.

What if the grades I receive don't reflect the time I spend studying?

We have Learning Strategies Tutors who can help you locate more effective approaches to exam preparation. These tutors help students with time management, study strategies, taking more useful notes in class, putting together a plan of study, and much more.

When does Learning Assistance hire new tutors?

While we accept applications throughout the year, most of our hiring takes place after midterm in the fall and spring semesters. For full consideration, you should submit your application before midterm.

How can I become a tutor?

(1) Complete an application through the Elon Jobs Network. (2) Ask your instructor to complete the recommendation form. Once you’ve submitted all materials, you may be contacted for an interview.