Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) provides students an opportunity to better understand course content outside of the traditional classroom setting. SI sessions are facilitated by a peer SI-Leader who has excelled in the course and currently attends the course.

Students who attend SI sessions regularly will better understand course materials and find new, more effective ways of studying.

Spring 2024 SI Sessions

BIO 1112 (Cell Biology)

Mondays        4:30pm-5:30pm       McMichael 102

Thursdays      4:30pm-5:30pm       McMichael 102



What can I expect if I attend an SI session?

Your SI leader will review course material that was covered in class that week. You should come prepared with any questions you have and be ready to collaborate and problem solve with your peers. You are not expected to have all the answers. This is an opportunity for you to work through content that is still a bit confusing and ask questions that carry over from class.

Do I have to attend all SI sessions?

While it is not mandatory that you attend SI or commit to all sessions, students who attend SI sessions regularly are more likely to see positive results in the course.

Can I bring my homework to SI sessions?

SI sessions are not meant for completing homework but you can bring questions about the work to the SI session. While the SI leader will not give you the answer, they will help you build the skills and knowledge needed for current and future assignments.

Will attending SI sessions impact my grade in the course?

Your SI leader might present you with practice problems, activities, and short quizzes. These materials will not count against your grade in the course. On the other hand, completing these activities can help you understand content better and feel more prepared for class assignments or exams.

Will the course instructor be present?

SI sessions are meant to be a peer-led, low stakes environment. Your instructor will not be present. However, the SI leader is in close communication with the instructor and attends all course sessions so that they are knowledgeable in the course topics and can answer your questions.