Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be recognized with an engraved brick?

Elon will honor class of 2021 donors who set up a recurring gift of at least $5/month or $60/year for at least three years.

How do I participate?

All seniors who want to participate should set up their recurring gift using the senior brick giving form. The form will walk you through setting up your recurring gift and submitting personalized lines to be engraved on a recognition brick.

Is there a minimum gift amount that I must make to be recognized with an engraved brick?

Yes, seniors who want to participate should set up a recurring gift of at least $5/month or $60/year for at least three years (minimum of $180).

How will my gift be set up? When is the last gift processing date?

All donors will use the online giving form to set up a recurring gift of at least $5/month or $60/year to the designation of their choice. The recurring gifts will continue after 3 years unless otherwise specified by the donor.

If I give more than $5 a month, will my recurring gift end sooner?

Donors must continue their monthly or annually recurring gifts for at least three years to complete the full commitment of the gift, which will help with overall participation goals for Elon.

Are my gifts tax-deductible?

Yes, all gifts will be tax-deductible. All gifts are made payable to Elon University, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

I already have an existing recurring gift. Will it count for as a Senior Brick gift?

Only gifts made through the senior brick giving form will be included. Please set up a new recurring gift using this form. If you wish to discuss your existing recurring gift, please call Elon’s Office of Alumni Engagement at (336) 278-7421.

Where will the bricks go?

All personalized bricks will be placed Under the Oaks.

Will I own the brick that is placed in a campus walkway in my honor?

The placement of an engraved brick on campus serves as recognition of the donor’s commitment to Elon University and does not indicate donor ownership of the brick.

What can I include in the lines of personalization for the brick that will be engraved in my honor?

Most people choose to include their name and class year on the engraved bricks. Please remember that Elon reserves the right to modify the recommended language in any way it deems appropriate.

Here are a few suggestions you may want to include in your lines of personalization: name, class year, Greek letters or Elon affiliations. Derogatory language is not allowed.

Class years will be displayed in a two-digit form. For example, “John Smith, class of 2021” will appear as “John Smith ’21.”

For more information about what can be included in the engraving process, please call Elon’s Office of Alumni Engagement at (336) 278-7421.

I prefer to make a one-time gift of $180. Is that possible?

This was created specifically to celebrate the lasting impact of donors who support Elon with recurring gifts. While every gift to the university strengthens the experiences, programs and relationships that make Elon an exceptional community for learning, this recognition is reserved for senior students who set up recurring gifts using the online giving form.

What happens if I get a new credit card or my credit card expires?

Please call Elon’s Office of Alumni Engagement at (336) 278-7421 to provide your updated credit card information so that your gift can continue as planned.

Where does my gift go?

You tell us! You can designate your gift to the area of campus that has had the greatest impact on your Elon experience.

How can I be sure that the text engraved on the brick will be correct?

When you set up your recurring gift online, you will have the opportunity to provide text for three lines of personalization. Each line is up to 20 characters long. Please pay special attention to what you type and review it carefully before submitting to prevent errors.

I am a graduating senior at Elon. My parent or family member wants to make a gift in my honor. Is that possible?

Elon is happy to provide options for family members who want to recognize their graduating seniors!

However, this is meant to highlight the commitment of seniors who receive an excellent education at Elon and choose to pay that forward by making annual gifts to the university. For this reason, we encourage all seniors who want to participate to set up their own recurring gifts and begin a personal tradition of giving back to Elon.