Welcome to Auxiliary Services at Elon University. The mission of Auxiliary Services is to provide effective and efficient services to students, faculty, staff and guests of the University. These services are designed to support the educational and co-curricular programs of the University, and falls under the Business, Finance and Technology division of the University.

Our Departments

Picture of Breakfast from Elon Dining

Elon Dining

Whether it is locally sourced products in Clohan, freshly baked cookies after dinner in Lakeside, or an impromptu lemonade bar outside of Moseley, we want every member of the community who dines with us to leave each meal with something more than a full stomach.
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Print Services

Print Services is a full-service, on-campus facility providing custom copy and print services to the Elon University community. Our services include brochures, stationery, flyers, business cards, banners, promotional items, copies, and more.
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Mail Services

The University Mail Services is a USPS Unit. We offer most window services such as Express Mail, Priority Mail, Registered Mail, Certified Mail and Insured Mail. Stamps can be purchased at the window. Phoenix Card and cash are honored as payment.
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