Our Purpose

The 2030 Boldly Elon Strategic Plan emphatically states, “The next decade, filled with fundamental change for our world, is an exciting opportunity to advance Elon’s model of student- and learning-centered higher education.” In support of this statement, the Elon Innovation Council (EIC) offers grants for proposals that help us reimagine our practices and deepen our values, our intellectual community and our great work at Elon University.

The mission of the EIC is to catalyze a culture of curiosity and creativity within our Elon community where people are empowered to discover, develop, experiment, and pilot mission-aligned innovative solutions. Initiatives spearheaded by faculty and staff have generated creative ideas across Elon University. We would like to invite you to continue to contribute to our innovation pipeline.

Recent Innovations

A sports media lab

A professor in the School of Communications is launching The Sports Media Lab, which aims to make Elon an industry leader in sports media research. The lab includes a student panel that pairs undergraduate researchers with industry partners, and a research collaborative for students and faculty to workshop new ideas about sports media research and find ways to make them a reality. (Boldly Elon Themes: Learn, Connect, Rise)

Supporting underrepresented students

A new cohort program pilot led by the Center for Race, Ethnicity and Diversity Education seeks to provide a pipeline for success for Asian American students. The innovative program offers the cohort unique opportunities to build upon their personal, professional and identity development, while creating mentoring relationships within the Elon community. (Boldly Elon Themes: Learn, Connect, Thrive)

Deepening peer mentoring

To address the evolving needs of the First-Generation campus community more effectively, Elon’s Center for Access and Success is expanding its First Phoenix Program to include peer mentor development and engagement and promote social cohesion. With the help of an IEC grant, program organizers hope to support 14 mentors and 30 mentees during 2023-24. (Boldly Elon Themes: Learn, Thrive)