Launching journalism careers for students before they finish high school

For students curious about what it means to be a journalist, reporting and producing news that informs communities, the Scripps Howard Emerging Journalists Program at Elon University provides the ideal platform to explore their media interests.

Thanks to financial support from the Scripps Howard Fund, Elon’s School of Communications established a free, educational initiative to inspire high school students to embark on journalism careers.

The goal is to engage hundreds of high school students from around the country, providing hands-on journalism experience. Through the program’s virtual Exposure component, students will participate in four interactive learning sessions and build foundational journalism skills.

The second phase of the program, Immersion, brings high school juniors to Elon for a summer on-campus residential learning workshop.

Additionally, students who complete the Immersion program will be assigned two mentors — an Elon communications student and a professional journalist — to help identify, report and produce multimedia stories during their senior year of high school.

Curriculum coordinator

– Oversees academic programming and offerings

Program director

– Oversees program logistics (travel, housing, etc.)