Internship requirements for summer 2023

  • Good academic standing and a cumulative GPA of at least a 2.0
  • At least sophomore standing and completion of COM 1100 and COM 2100/2200
  • Work a minimum of 80 hours per enrolled credit hours (students can enroll in 1 or 2 credit hours)
  • Work a minimum of 4 weeks; more time is highly encouraged
  • Intern responsibilities should demonstrate practical application of skills and education across our disciplines (Cinema & Television Arts, Communication Design, Journalism, Media Analytics, Strategic Communications)
  • Engage in a new experience (students cannot register the same internship for credit across multiple academic terms)
  • Supervisor must be a professional with expertise in the discipline at an established organization; cannot be a family member or friend
  • Work will be completed on-site, remotely, or in a hybrid schedule; interns cannot work in a private residence
  • Register for and complete the COM 3985 course concurrently with the internship
    • Elon University does not provide retroactive internship credit

Internship registration process

If you plan to complete an internship for academic credit during Summer 2023, please follow the steps below:

  1. You are required to attend one of the following Internship Information Sessions prior to registering your internship for credit. Amber Moser, internship director, will give an overview of the internship requirement, registration process and coursework associated with COM 3985. Internship Information Sessions will be held in McEwen 013, 4:15-5:30 p.m., on the following dates:
    – Thursday, May 4
    – Tuesday, May 9
  2. Once an internship offer is secured, log into your account on the Elon Job Network to complete the registration process.
    – Click “Internship Registration” and “Add New”
    – Complete all required fields and submit your form
    – You will receive a confirmation email once your internship has been approved by the internship director & your internship supervisor and your registration has been processed through OnTrack.

** The Bursar’s Office will bill you if: (a) this is a summer course, (b) you exceed the maximum credit hours during fall/spring term (18 credits) or winter term (4 credits), or (c) you are a part-time student.

Internship registration dates

Summer session I:
Registration opens: Monday, April 3
Registration deadline: Friday, May 26

Summer session II:
Registration opens: Monday, April 3
Registration deadline: Thursday, July 6

Need assistance searching for an internship?

If you want help finding an internship, make an appointment with a career adviser or the internship director through the Elon Job Network.