Media for All Interests

Throughout the year, Elon students produce a weekly student newspaper, broadcast an evening newscast, air an FM radio station, produce entertainment content through Elon Student Television, and publish a yearbook for campus distribution.

We strongly encourage our students to get involved in the student media, where they can write, edit, shoot video, take photographs and produce all kinds of multimedia content that reaches a broad audience.

Colin Dohonue serves as the chair of Elon University’s Student Media Board.

Elon News Network, Student News Organization

Elon News Network logoElon News Network is a student-run daily news organization. It features a vibrant website and active social media accounts. ENN produces a weekly newspaper (The Pendulum), a weekly nightly newscast (“Elon Local News”) and a weekly morning show (“ELN Morning”). The organization boasts 75-100 staff members, who are responsible for writing stories, producing packages, taking photos, designing pages, selling ads, analyzing web traffic and more. ENN covers major campus and community news, sports events, internationally recognized speakers, arts and entertainment, and international issues. The faculty mentors to Elon News Network are Kelly Furnas and Rich Landesberg.

Elon Student Television

Elon Student Television logoElon Student Television was created in 1992. Hundreds of students work in some capacity each year in the production of programming for ESTV. ESTV currently represents five student-run television shows. ESTV is always looking to showcase student work and encourages students to pitch new ideas. Kai Swanson serves as the organization’s faculty mentor.

WSOE 89.3 FM, Student Radio

WSOE 89.3 FM - The Only Alternative, radio station logoElon’s student radio station began in 1978. It has a number of paid positions on its executive staff. Its signal reaches as far as Greensboro, N.C., to the west and Durham, N.C., to the east and is broadcast 24 hours a day. Select staff members attend such national conferences as the annual National Association of Broadcasters meetings and the College Media Association conference. The group’s mentor is Abby Igoe.

Phi Psi Cli, Student Yearbook

The yearbook was founded in 1913 and is named for the first three literary societies on campus. It traditionally carries sections covering Student Life, People, Sports, Organizations, Arts and Academics. The 2015 edition was the publication’s 100th edition. The group employs several student editors, and Ahmed Fadaam serves as the organization’s adviser.

Limelight Music Group

Limelight Music Group logoElon’s sole promotional group for up-and-coming student musicians. The organization provides a promotional platform for undiscovered, talented student artists with the opportunity to record their music, play live shows, develop an image and gain a fanbase. Clay Stevenson serves as the group’s mentor.


Colonnades is the annual literary and art journal of Elon University. Colonnades features works of fiction, poetry, nonfiction and art that speak volumes of beauty, inspiration and truth to their audience. Each issue of Colonnades also features a theme that highlights the overarching conversation of the pieces within that issue. The group’s mentors are Drew Perry and Tita Ramirez.