Plan for Your Career

Have questions about the job and internship search during the COVID-19 pandemic? Find COM/SPT specific resources here. We also have tips on how to professionally engage in meetings/conferences on Teams, Zoom and WebEx. Before your senior year, be sure to do your research. One part of a successful job search is to implement a strategy. Below is a 10-step process. Reference this timeline for more specific information.

  1. Consider applying for a Fellowship or Post-graduate Internship.
  2. Know your preferences: Where do you want to be? What qualifications do you have? What kind of company culture are you looking for.
  3. Internship: Make sure you have one or more.
  4. Cover letter: Should be one page, tailored and error-free. Use the name of the recruiter.
  5. Resume: It’s time to sell yourself. List your skills, work experience, awards, etc on one page. Tailor it for the position to which you are applying.
  6. ePortfolio: Create an online portfolio to showcase your best work to employers. Include the link on your resume.
  7. Research: Learn all you can about the organizations you are applying to.
  8. Interview: Dress well. Bring your resume. Ask questions. Take notes.
  9. Thank you: Send a thank you email within 24 hours and a thank you note within 48 hours of the interview. Briefly review your skills and touch upon something the recruiter said in the interview.
  10. Learn from your experience: If you don’t get the job, still thank the employer and ask what you can do to better your chances for the future. Consider reapplying to the organization later.

For more information, visit the Career Services website.

Create an account with the Elon Job Network to search for internship and job opportunities.

The Student Professional Development Center and the School of Communications have created a resource including industry focused job and internship websites, professional associations, on-campus student groups and more.