Amy Moorman publishes article in Florida State University Law Review

The article explores the general doctrine that private employment is at-will, and the common law's exception to that doctrine for wrongful discharge in violation of "public policy."

<p>Amy Moorman, senior lecturer in business law</p>
Amy Moorman, senior lecturer in business law, co-authored an article, “Raising the Floor of Company Conduct: Deriving Public Policy from the Constitution in an Employment-At-Will Arena,” in the latest issue of the Florida State University Law Review. 

The interdisciplinary article, which Moorman authored with a constitutional law scholar at The University of Memphis, examines the employer-employee relationship in a previously unexplored way; it argues that some deeply held Constitutional principles are appropriate sources of public policy for the purposes of finding an employer’s adverse action against an employee (such as discharge) unlawful, even in a private sector, employment-at-will environment.

The Florida State University Law Review is a primary law journal at one of the top-50 law schools in the country and is ranked in the top 7 percent of law journals nationally. 

Moorman teaches graduate and undergraduate employment law courses at the Martha and Spencer Love School of Business.