Elon updates visual identities

The university’s graphic marks and logos have been given a new, bolder look with strong ties to Elon’s heritage and traditions.

Elon University’s logos and wordmarks have been updated for the first time in more than 15 years, providing an expanded system of graphic marks that will be used in publications, communications, stationery, signage, clothing and many more applications. The new university symbols are built upon the foundation of the Elon wordmark in the classic Bembo font, which has been used since the 1990s. New athletics symbols feature updated versions of the Phoenix mark that was adopted in 2000. Maroon and gold, adopted as the Elon colors in about 1910, are used in all the marks.

The updated marks were developed by Elon’s Office of University Communications, with primary work by Garry Graham, associate director of design. A design committee directed a process that began in August 2015 and included input and feedback from hundreds of students, faculty/staff, alumni, parents and friends. They reviewed scores of design options through several rounds of development.

The full set of new marks, along with usage guidelines and file formats, can be viewed on the University Communications Institutional Identity website at: https://www.elon.edu/e/university-communications/identity/

The new athletics marks can be seen at: http://www.elonphoenix.com/sports/2016/2/23/ATH_0223160210.aspx

Signatures, wordmarks and a new icon

As with previous versions of Elon’s visual identity, the new primary signatures feature a leaf icon, symbolizing the university’s name, which is the Hebrew word for oak. Elon was founded in a grove of stately oak trees in 1889. The newly designed leaf icon is surrounded by a maroon-and-gold shield – half of the icon is in the shape of an oak leaf and the other half is in the shape of flames, a connection to the historic 1923 fire that destroyed the college’s Main Building in 1923. The college rose from the ashes of that fire to become today’s thriving institution, providing the inspiration for the athletics mascot, the Phoenix. The flame-leaf icon and shield evoke a spirit of personal growth and transformation, which is the hallmark of an Elon education.

The new wordmarks feature the bold version of the Bembo font, with the word Elon in the university’s maroon color. The official Elon University seal remains unchanged.

Elon's monogram E.
A new Elon monogram

The new identity system includes a bold stylized E monogram that can be used for a wide variety of purposes, both institutional and athletic. The mark is a modern version of the block letter E that has been used throughout Elon’s history, most prominently by the athletics “E Club,” which dates back to the early years of the 20 century. Today’s monogram is in the university colors of maroon and gold, using the Tautz font that is part of the new Phoenix athletics identity. The monogram will be especially useful when an Elon symbol is used in extremely small sizes, such as on mobile devices.

Phoenix athletics marks

Elon adopted its athletics marks in 2000 when the Phoenix was chosen as the new mascot, a tie to the history of the 1923 fire. The updated athletics marks integrate the flying Phoenix symbol with the words Elon and Phoenix in the new Tautz font. This will be the font used on team uniforms and other athletics-related materials. Elon athletics will also make extensive use of the new E monogram on uniforms and apparel, fan gear, mobile devices and television broadcasts.

Marks for Elon schools, departments and units

Updated graphic marks for Elon’s many subunits are in development and may be obtained from the Office of University Communications. In line with sustainability practices, offices are encouraged to use up existing supplies of stationery and other materials before restocking with the new graphic marks. Electronic uses of Elon symbols, such as digital signs, PowerPoint templates, Web pages, email signatures, etc., should be changed immediately using the new marks. Versions of the previous Elon wordmarks and leaf icons should be replaced as soon as possible.

Elon’s Print Services produces department stationery and employee business cards and will be implementing new templates in the near future.

New Elon gear

Members of the campus community were given shirts, hats and window stickers at the annual Elon Day celebration on March 8, and shirts were distributed at the season finale men’s and women’s basketball games on Feb. 25 and 26. New Elon gear is currently in production and will be available for purchase soon at the Elon Barnes & Noble bookstore on Williamson Avenue.