Elon University Seal

The official Elon University seal was created in 1908 and adopted by the Board of Trustees. The seal includes the latin words “numen lumen” (spiritual and intellectual light), which is the university’s motto. Two pillars that represent power and strength sit in the middle of the seal, along with the Holy Bible and several other books. The Bible refers to the historical religious foundations of Elon, and the books represent culture and knowledge. The candlestick and flame represent the light that members of the Elon community spread throughout the world, and the “All-Seeing Eye” is a representation of those keeping watch over the institution.

Example Seal

The Elon University seal is used for only the most formal applications, appearing on university diplomas, formal invitations and ceremonial documents deemed appropriate by the Office of the President. It is not available for download and may not be used without permission of the Office of University Communications or the Office of the President.