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'The Liberators' film screening - March 28

Global Neighborhood Film Series continues today with a film screening in the Global Commons Media Room at 7 p.m.

The film follows Willi Korte, who is referred to by some as "art's Indiana Jones," on his journey to track down a stolen collection of medieval treasure with the help of The New York Times Chief Cultural Correspondent, William H. Honan.

From WWII-era Germany to the National Archives in Washington, DC, "The Liberators" takes the audience on a mesmerizing journey that eventually leads to the tiny Texas town of Whitewright, near the Oklahoma border. But as Korte and Honan get closer to uncovering the truth, their stir up a firestorm of controversy and conflict that rocks the suspect's family and their small community. (US, 2016, 61 min.)

Discussants: Evan Gatti (Art and Art History) and Scott Windham (World Languages and Cultures)


Patti Gibbons,
12/16/2016 3:40 PM