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Room for January Only


Hello! My name is Katie Melton, and I'm currently a sophomore here at Elon. I have my housing figured out for the fall, but unfortunately I have not been able to figure out a place to stay during J-term (January 2nd to January 24th), since I will be studying in LA in the spring and therefore could not rent an apartment for the whole year.

If anyone happens to have a room that's not being used for the month of January, I would be happy to cover a month of rent. Also, I was looking into Airbnb for the month, but I was only able to find a whole townhouse that would be available for $1800, so if anyone is also looking for somewhere to stay for just January, that's another option.

I'm studying abroad now, so the best way to reach me is at kmelton3@elon.edu. Thanks!

Katie Melton,
5/4/2019 1:40 PM